Dec 1, 2020

How to land your message by getting grounded in your “why”

Here’s the truth:


No one else will ever say anything quite like you. Because no one else has, or ever will have, your exact lived experience. No one else holds your specific combination of values. No one else has your particular blend of passions and concerns. And NO ONE else carries the same distinct energy that you do. 


So when you speak up, you have the opportunity to land your message like no one else can—with confidence and authenticity. 


And I know what you’re thinking: that *sounds* nice, but what do I do with that? HOW do I land my message like no one else can? 


I’ll tell you:


You get really specific about WHY you’re saying what you’re saying in the first place. 


Because when you’re clear on your WHY, you don’t need to convince, persuade or prove anything…


When you’re grounded in your intention for speaking, you’re able to get out of your head and focus entirely on the people you’re speaking to and what you need them to hear… 


It’s THIS clarity of intention that’ll empower you to land any message with authentic conviction.


Don’t believe me? 


Take it from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who shared the following pearl of wisdom with a group of young girls on the campaign trail who asked her for her public speaking secrets: 



When you’re standing up to speak, remember that it’s not about you… If you were on the Titanic, and you know the ship is about to sink and you’re the only one who knows, are you going to worry about how you look and how you sound? No, because the thing that’s most important is that everyone knows what you know.


So before your next meeting, pitch, or presentation, I want you to ask yourself the key questions I’ve outlined in this FREE downloadable Getting Grounded in Your Why worksheet.


When you write something out, you’re twice as likely to act on it. And the best part? Your answers to these questions will always be unique to you. If you let them, they’ll become like back-up dancers to your overall message. They’ll give you the energy and extra oomph you need to land your ideas—like only you can.


You got this. One intention, one interaction at a time.




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