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If you feel you’re not putting your best self forward and that people aren’t seeing you as you want them to see and experience you, call Brenne! She’s warm, directive, very organized, and she infuses every session with fun and humor. Above all else, Brenne’s helped me work on what message I want to convey when I’m speaking publicly, and how to use my intentions, breath, and voice to send that message.

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Shortly after finishing my work with Brenne, I presented a "State of the Union" of sorts to my company's leadership team and several peers. Previously in these types of meetings, I would feel and act extremely nervous, but I absolutely nailed this presentation. My boss, who knew I had worked with a coach, told me that it was "night and day" with regards to how calm, collected, and assertive I was, and shared that several people approached him immediately afterwards to say how great the presentation had gone (they later told me, too!).  Work with Brenne if you want to transform your public speaking skills and inspire those on the other side of the table!

Nora E.
National Sales Lead
Food Delivery App

The SelfSpoken training helped me figure out how to be more true to myself and play to my strengths. It gave me an opportunity to self-reflect and tune into how others respond to me as I’m presenting. Brenne taught me a really helpful tool for listening attentively and gauging other people’s reactions in-the-moment. I learned how multifaceted communication really is and that we make a lot of assumptions about how we communicate (sometimes incorrectly). Brenne is knowledgeable, thoughtful, authentic and warm. Her honest and constructive feedback was extremely valuable. I’d definitely recommend the experience to others.

Laura Dexter
Attorney at Lupkin PLLC

Whenever I have the chance, I jump on my soapbox about Brenne. She is a life-changer. This practice of mindful and effective communication has radically enhanced my life for the better and this is not a fad, but a way of life. Brenne's services go beyond communication and delve deep into professional coaching and self awareness and these are skills that everyone needs in order to navigate today's challenging work environments.

Ellen M.
Senior Legal Counsel
Global Tech Company

The tips Brenne gave me were extraordinarily valuable. She helped me figure out how to get comfortable with my materials and prepare effectively. My biggest concern when presenting to large audiences is that my natural personality won’t shine through the way it does in smaller groups or one-on-one. I’ve seen a lot of presentations. The presenters who really capture my attention are those who exude confidence and seem like this is who they are in the rest of their lives. Brenne is definitely one of those presenters and she helped me figure out how to get more comfortable and bring more of who I am to large-scale speaking opportunities.

Jay Asher
Partner at Brandgenuity

OMG you are so incredibly helpful. I remembered and used all of your advice. And I wasn’t nervous!!!! I really can’t thank you enough. Both of these sessions have been life-changing. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You are FANTASTIC. You really have a gift.

Jennifer B.
Managing Attorney at NY Law Firm

The tools Brenne gave me were very concrete and manageable. It’s not conceptual, it’s very specific, targeted, and practical. Brenne’s also a really great listener. She responded to what I brought to her, she wasn’t just a hammer in search of a nail. I know that her toolkit extends way beyond what we covered.

Rabbi Dr. Ariel Burger
Author of Witness: Lessons from Elie Wiesel's Classroom

Thank you!! I would not have felt as confident and prepared without you! So lucky to have you in my corner 🙂

Sherri B.
VP Legal at Global Tech Company

Working with Brenne is the equivalent of having intellectual chicken soup support for public speaking. She has helped me enormously with developing speeches as well as learning how to deliver them with poise, presence and professionalism. She immediately put me at ease and was able to dive into the central issues I was having difficulty presenting. I highly recommend working with Brenne. It is a no brainer way to be confident and prepared for public speaking engagements.

Laura Hart
Founder & CEO of Robofun

Since we last met, I attended 2 events and 3 conventions. I’ve also spoken publicly twice and started my radio business show! Your guidance has made a world of difference in all of these, plus I have felt more confident, which itself is worth all of it.

S. Rosenberg
NY-based Marketing Agency